Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

This past weekend, our neighbors/landlords set off on a journey to the far away land known as Palm Springs.  The last time we left on a trip, we were greeted with two slices of cake in our fridge (and happy, well-fed kitties).  So, I figured the least I could do was provide them with a tasty treat for their road trip to the desert.  What better treat can you have on a road trip than sweet and satisfying, chewy and chocolatey oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?  Certainly none that I could think of.  So, in my attempt to expand my baking repertoire, I tried a new-to-me recipe, again from Baking Illustrated.  With the exception of using whole wheat pastry flour instead of the called-for all-purpose flour, I made no changes to the recipe, so I will point you in the direction of the Cook’s Illustrated website.  Also, from what I read on the blogs, this recipe is very similar to the one on the Quaker Oats package, although there is less butter and sugar in the Quaker Oats recipe.  I’ll let you make the call on which recipe to use.

Notes on these cookies: These cookies were perfect, and yet they stirred up some complex emotions for me.  On one hand, I delighted in their chewiness, the perfect, slightly-crispy outside and moistness inside.   On the other hand, I sadly came to the conclusion that oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, even perfect ones, are not my favorite kind of cookie.  Rather, my favorite kind of cookie is actually chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  The difference, I decided, is that the chocolate chip oatmeal cookie has a chocolate chip cookie base, and then oats are added to provide some texture and depth to the cookies, differing from the oat cookie that then has chocolate chips added to it.  One of these days I’ll make some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and elaborate some more then.  Something to look forward to.  

From the picture above, you might have noticed that I made two different batches of cookies.  I split the dough in half and to one half, I added some large Guittard milk chocolate chips, and to the other half, I added soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free (anti-allergen) semisweet minichips by EnjoyLife.  I’ll save the discussion of our household food allergies for another day, but suffice it to say, I really liked the look of the minichip cookies, but preferred the taste and texture of the larger chip cookies.  The oats and minichips are similar sizes, which makes for a relatively uniform cookie shape, which I find appealing.  But these chips are just not as smooth and don’t melt as well as the larger, full of soy lecithin chips, so I’ve preferred snacking on the large chip version.  And when I say snacking, I really mean breakfasting, lunching, and dinnering.  Oatmeal is good for you, right?


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